Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Custom image 1The real estate business is largely local in nature, which explains why independent, locally branded real estate firms continue to dominate many markets. The entity that connects all of these top brands is Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, whose affiliate companies (550 firms with 4,600 offices and 140,000 sales associates in 30 countries worldwide) sell $225 billion annually in theU.S., more than any national franchise brand. They are also the Number One companies in terms of sales or volume in 41 of the top 90 markets – more than any other national organization.

The Power of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Unlike franchisees, who pay a national network five to seven percent off the top of all revenue for advertising which may or may not drive specific leads to their agents, independent companies are able to deploy those dollars to develop local programs, reach local target audiences, and build resources that directly benefit their associates. Because independents are not controlled by corporate offices thousands of miles away, they are able to adjust expenditures and programs more quickly and strategically as the market changes.

LeadingRE firms have strong local reputations and many are long-established companies in the community. In fact, one of the oldest residential firms in the country is a LeadingRE affiliate, and a high percentage of our member companies have been in business for over 25 years. These strong ties to the community, consistent and reliable performance over time, and accountability that comes from having the owner’s name on the door are all factors that inspire the consumer’s trust.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® recruits only the best of the best among locally and regionally-branded firms – because each firm’s local brand and performance reflect upon other affiliates nationally and globally. Membership is a privilege which can be terminated by either party at any time, unlike national franchises with 10- to 30-year contracts. This means that the LeadingRE network must provide a strong value proposition year in and year out, and it means that its members must maintain high performance standards in order to retain membership.

Through an ongoing national publicity program, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® has garnered major media coverage for the network and its members alike. Meanwhile, consumer advertising for Luxury Portfolio InternationalTM, LeadingRE’s luxury property component, provides exposure in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Unique Homes, and duPontREGISTRYTM, among others, further validating and enhancing the member’s brand by associating it with LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio. When members incorporate the LeadingRE supporting brand in their local advertising, they derive tremendous synergy and quality-by-association with these premier companies across the country and the world.

Listings, luxury market and global business

  • Your affiliation with this network of the premier real estate companies and associates throughout theU.S.and the world connects you to highly qualified incoming buyers, representing a key factor in garnering listings.
  • Our network has affiliates in more than 30 countries worldwide, which allows us to assist international clients with their real estate needs.
  • Our LuxuryPortfolio.com website has more $1 million-plus listings than Sotheby’s and Christie’s websites.

Referral introductions and additional income

  • Our affiliates generate 30,000 – 40,000 referral introductions to each other annually, with nearly a 40% conversion ratio.
  • With an average referral sales price of nearly $300,000, the average referral fee to a Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® agent is about $1,400, a great return for a few minutes of time, with the assurance of making an introduction to a fellow professional who will reflect well on you.

Corporate referrals and residual income from national accounts

  • The network owns its own rapidly growing third-party relocation company, RELO Direct®, which generates significant corporate referrals to members each year, working with elite clients in a wide range of industries.
  • RELO Direct® also partners with your company to leverage our local relationships to capture national accounts that can bring you residual income in other markets across the country year after year.

Online leads and listings from Internet searches

  • Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® enables consumers to search listings online from any affiliate’s website through RELO® Home Search.
  • When you submit your listings to RELO® Home Search, they are also syndicated to HGTV’s website, FrontDoor.com
  • When a listing is posted on our site, it can also be accessed on our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® partners’ websites across the country and the world, greatly expanding its exposure to potential buyers.
  • LuxuryPortfolio.com is fast becoming the leading portal for luxury properties, generating business for members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Additional competitive-edge products and networking

  • Through the network’s Solutions Group division, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® has developed partnerships with various real estate providers in the areas of home warranty, technology, insurance and marketing to offer programs that will make your company more competitive.
  • The sharing of best practices by your company’s management and other affiliates of this outstanding network directly impacts the kinds of programs and resources we are able to provide to you.